Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fab Team Treasuries By Dedicated Teamies!

Check out the newest batch of team treasuries made on Etsy! Much love goes out to Jill of VinMo, Sam of TheAwesomestPossum (whose treasury also included members of sister teams Vegan Etsy and Cruelty Free Etsy), Rebecca of KneeDeepOriginals, and Carmen from CaramelDiezel for their wonderful team support!


TheAwesomestPossum said...

These are great! I love how we've all done neat things with color. I've been cycling a few different items into mine, since I couldn't fit in everything I wanted to. It's still up at
if anyone wants to see/love on it. :D

FireHorse3 said...

These are so beautiful - well done teamies! :D