Tuesday, August 25, 2009

END OF SUMMER... Perfect for a party!

Here’s to the final days of summer! It’s been a good one, and while I am looking forward to the cooler days and crisp nights of autumn, I will miss the warm summer breezes and the bounty of my garden. Even now, the tomatoes are thinning out; instead of picking 8 or 10 a day, we feel blessed to get 3 or 4! Even so, I am making and canning all kinds of tomato goodies. Here’s one of our favorites… Gazpacho… a perfect light meal on a hot day… and a great thing to serve for a few friends on one of these last final evenings of summertime. Included here in this post are the recipe, a suggested menu, and some fabulous items from Etsyveg members to help you serve up the best light-meal dinner party for your favorite friends!


Finely chop and place in large bowl:
1 medium cucumber
1 small onion
1/3 cup fresh parlsey or cilantro leaves

Coarsely chop and place in same bowl:
2 1/2 pounds fresh tomatoes
1 medium green pepper or poblano pepper (I prefer poblano!)

1 14-oz can tomato sauce or 1 cup tomato juice
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons olive oil
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1 fresh jalapeno pepper, seeded and finely diced
2 teaspoons sea salt

Stir well. Refrigerate at least two hours before serving and serve in chilled bowls. Please remember that the heat or spice from jalapenos and poblanos increases with time, so the longer your gazpacho sits, the spicier it will be!

For Starters: Cheese and Crackers
For the Meal: Gazpacho, Spring Greens and Spinach Salad, and French or Italian Bread
For Dessert: Fresh Fruit… served with melted chocolate for dipping or Triple Chocolate Heaven Vegan Cupcakes (see below)
For Beverage: Red and/or White Wine… I suggest Bully Hill Wine (made in the Finger Lakes region of NY, has no sulfites!!)


Gorgeous cards to invite all your friends
by FireHorseTextiles

Fabulous eco-friendly apron
by TokenEmotion

Beautiful, colorful bowls
by KarinLorenc

Unique napkin rings
by VibrantMosaics

Vintage fabric coasters
by Auclairdelalune

Lovely wooden serving tray
by ShabbyNChic

Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes
by thecupcakemint

Pretty little vase for the table
by MandyBeeCreations

Butterfly candle holder
by leandogpottery

And how about adding a festive dragonfly garland
by pandawithcookie

Finally, top off your outfit with a fun and funky handmade brooch
by KunkleBaby

My own original oil paintings and handstrung beaded jewelry can be seen atKneeDeepOriginals.


Heather said...

Ohhh very lovely! I love how the photos are soo up close and large.. makes it very nice to see the items & how wonderful they each are. Excellent posting!
Thank you!! :)

panda with cookie said...

That looks like a great recipe. Thanks for sharing it!

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I love those cards! So pretty!

FireHorse3 said...

Nice recipe and lovely article (thank you for mentioning my cards :D)!

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The vegan cupcakes look amazing!

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Sounds like a fabulous party!

silentlotus creations said...

Rebecca, what a fabulous post! It's just awesome- thank you for doing this! :D xoxo

Rebecca at KneeDeepOriginals said...

This was a really fun post to put together! And so many great Etsyveg sellers and items to choose from!

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Love those cards! :D

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Another great post!