Friday, July 3, 2009

NEWBIES and Other Member Updates

Lots of changes are afoot for fellow veggies...

New Veggies- Yay!
Give a warm welcome to our newest members, Jean, Belinda, and Rachel! Jean sells fabulous jewelry of her own design in her shop jewelrybyjeanyang, and Belinda offers lovely handknit clothing/accessories in her shop viceroyrose, which donates 100% of its profits to The Nature Conservancy's "Plant a Billion Trees" project. Rachel joins us with two: MissMunchie touts scrumptious munchies, pretzel bread, and cookies, while ravissant is stocked with fabulous handmade sustainable clothing, yoga mat bags, jewelry, and home accessories. We're very excited to have this talented bunch as part of our veggie family! Welcome!

Exciting Opportunities
Fran Caldwell of Hafandeg has gotten fabulous news! On June 20th, she received an offer of representation from a British agent for her book
Hafan Deg, with a possible two-book deal pending acceptance of her current, in-the-works novel, Strachan's Attic. Hafan Deg, set in Britain and Australia, tells "a touching and occasionally light-hearted story of an older woman's journey of reconnection and validation as she restores a derelict Welsh mansion, which, like her, is falling down." Strachan's Attic recounts a modern day young woman's experience when she becomes involved in the mysterious automatic writing of a journal set in WWII England, which presents itself to her in an abandoned Toronto house. (50% historical, 50% contemporary.)

We're so excited for and proud of you, Fran! Best wishes for much wonderful, well-deserved success! Awaiting the unveiling with anticipation...

New Ventures in Selling
Lisa of pandawithcookie has expanded her successful not-so-scary monster line into adorable clothes for little ones, like tees and onesies!

Several other teamies have either revamped their Etsy shops and taken on a new identity or opened a second Etsy shop and started a new crafty venture! Gwen of gwenmade is "rebranding" and has moved to a brand new store, everydayfairytale, where she will be adding handcrafted tutus and hair accessories to her already-successful jewelry line. Kathryn of kat4526 has opened a second Etsy shop, artbykat, where she will sell one-of-a-kind artist trading cards (ATC's) and collages. Also check out more unique (and vegan!) jewelry from Christy of julep115 in her second shop (that I am woefully delayed in introducing), ChristyRobinson. We also welcome marywibis's second shop, vlines, that features Mary's incredible, hand-drawn original vector art.

Congrats to you all on the new ventures!

A Fond Farewell
We sadly bid adieu to three of our most active members, each of whom has played an important role in making the team wonderful! W. of RedleafWands has decided to close up shop and leave Etsy for good. We say *good-bye for now* to Kelle of Kelles Kitchen and Lo of lochristine, both of whom have decided to temporarily close up shop on Etsy as their lives take them in new directions. Kelle has entered into a brand new life in AZ and an intensive hospital residency, and Lo is taking a hiatus while traveling extensively, planning on reopening in fall or winter.

W., Kelle, and Lo, we send you off with gratitude for all you've brought to the team and with wishes for happiness, success, and veggie love! W., we will greatly miss your voice and presence on the team- please know you are welcome back anytime. Kelle, and Lo, we're hoping to have you back very soon! For now, we'll miss your friendship and support! *hugs*

We'd love to hear about your news! If you're a member of the team, send me a note or post below about your own happenings!

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Fran said...

Lovely to get such a nice mention here, Kylie.

On top of that - oh, my! - I sold a painting last week - the first in 10 months.

May these good times continue!