Friday, June 12, 2009

'Pet of the Week' with KneeDeepOriginals

(companion of Rebecca of KneeDeepOriginals)

Rebecca writes:
Bruschi is a "rescue" dog. In 2004, when my husband and I moved out to the hills to the home we'd been renovating for three years, we discovered that new neighbors (we don't have too many of those) had a horde of dogs running loose. We moved here in early September, and a month or two before that, the two female neighbor dogs each had 6 puppies within a few weeks of each other. So there were a total of 14 dogs, 7 large ones and 7 small. We believe that most of the larger puppies got adopted, but we think that a certain horrible fate came to most of the smaller pups. When one of our beloved dogs died in January (thank God he got to spend his last few months in the country where he originally hailed from), I decided to see if the neighbors would let me adopt their last large-dog puppy so that our remaining dog wouldn't be so lonesome. They agreed, and we were soooo glad, given the conditions that the dogs were living in.

I was able to lure my new pup to our yard with dog treats; once close to the house, I placed a rope around his neck, and pretty much had to drag him into the house. Though he was (and always been) a sucker for treats, I don't think he was used to much handling, and he certainly wasn't used to being inside! It took several months for him to acclimate to his new home, but he finally decided he was in dog heaven in this new place- free run of the house, daily walks around the mountain, and not having to share his food with so many others.

I named him Bruschi after my favorite running back for the New England Patriots. His name suits him because he is a very big boy with broad shoulders. But he is about as humble as they come. His motto is, "why can't we all get along?" He loves to make new friends, and will do so as soon as somebody sets foot in the house. He does not, however, like hunters and guns... just like his mom! (A decent ending to the story is that the neighbors finally got their females spayed, and there are now only four dogs at their home... and they are house dogs now, too.)


Drea said...

Our dogs are TWINS! Except yours seems to be the better-behaved version.

Rebecca at KneeDeepOriginals said...

Wow... I checked out your link... they do look sooo much alike! What fun! Big black spots in different places though!

FireHorse3 said...

Such a handsome boy - what a great life he has now :D

Aguavino said...

What a great looking dog and wonderful story!

Heather said...

Wonderful story.. love the happy ending! :)

JulieWebb Photography+Design said...

Nice story and I love the second photo of him! :)