Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekly Wednesday Giveaway, Featuring Aktie9

EtsyVeg's Weekly Wednesday giveaway!

Now every week brings a new chance to win a fabulous creation(s) from one of our team's talented vegan or vegetarian Etsy artisans. :)

This week, one winner will receive an 11 oz. ceramic mug displaying the image below or another fabulous photo of your choice from Heather of aktie9's shop!

How to enter? Just visit Heather's shop, aktie9,
choose your favorite creation, and comment back here with both the link to that item and a reason you like it. It's that easy! Better yet, win an extra entry by Tweeting to @etsyveg about our giveaway and then posting about it here, or by posting about it on FB and sending a 'print screen' shot of your post to That means up to 3 chances to win!

Enter by 12 midnight EST, Monday, May 25th. Winner will be randomly selected, and notified on Tuesday, May 26th. Good luck!

Look for our next giveaway this time next week! :)


Nathalie Brault said...

yeah! I'm first

I love sunflowers cause they mean sun! so I picked this one

thanks for this giveaway

Michelle said...


I really like the dimensions of this print. I think the composition is harmonious, along with the colours. Overall, the scene is idyllic and I feel like I am walking towards the bridge, the depth of field is spot on. I could get lost in this photo.

Cheers! And thank you for the giveaway.


NoVemberMoon said...

I love dahlias and this ring is very unique;)

NoVemberMoon said...

I FBd but I can't do a screenshot:(

babalisme said...

I love Large Resin Magnolia flower cabochon pinback 40MM, they look so real!!

Audrey said...

What a lovely shop!! I love these cards:

JJ said...

I love the Mount Monadnock NH Photograph at

janil said...

I love 8x10 Polar Bear Archival photo of Kenda from the ecotarium worcester massachusetts!!! It's so lovely!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Mia said...

hard choice, but
that's my fav, because of those fabulous colors!!:)

puffpastryshop said...

I like this ring because it's a great color, and there are layers of petals!

Kyndra said...

It seems that you do a good job of capturing what people love, because I love bees, especially giganitic bees close up, lol.

themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

Ľubaša said...

It was simple to find few favs between pictures with nature motives, but I chose abstract digital art for mug, as this one seems to be really suitable for this reason:
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Vegan Craft Samples said...

i love this waterfall print!

Waterfalls are just so amazing to me, and beautiful
not to mention my pups love swimming under them and play a game of chicken with the water, they go in a certain distance then back up, and do it over and over
so cute

beautiful photo

kneedeeporiginals said...

There are so many photos in your shop that I really like... Foxy Loxy, Stop the Storm (love how the color pops in that one!),Sheep in the Meadow (I love pastures with animals grazing!!), Butterfly (this one is in my posture sketch for a treasury which I seem to just keep missing... grrr!), but my fave is It Was the Light, It was the Angle (listing #23648459) because of exactly those two things... the great angle and perspective and also the gorgeous mix of green and brown. So lovely!

Dani' said...

I like the image above the best but this image of the looming dino is cut too.I like it because it would be really funny on a cup!
I like the 2nd and 3rd dino pics the best.

baggypants said...

I like the Pressed pink and turquoise butterfly brooch...because pink is my favourite colour and I have always loved butterflies!!

The link is


Naddez said...

I like the Furled White flower Macro because it's cute and unique.

SarahKay said...

I love the purple trumpet flower 8x10. Beautiful!