Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please Help a Fellow Member!

One of our own, Etsy seller and EtsyVeg member KrugsEcoLogic, is in serious jeopardy of losing her established Etsy shop and hard-worked-for status due to unfounded, vicious verbal attacks and abuse by way of feedback and Storque comments. KrugsEcoLogic is a wonderful, caring, and conscientious seller with nothing but glowing reviews until this awful situation arose, and she deserves to be protected from such treatment. She has been at the mercy of a vindictive buyer who has been on a mission to ruin her name through maniacal and mean rantings, and Etsy admin. has refused to step in. They will not remove the awful feedback , and have not taken any action to stop the abuse of one of its own. Please take action NOW and sign this petition, which will be sent to Etsy to let them know that the Etsy community, both buyers and sellers, will not stand for the abuse and harassment they are condoning. Thank you!


kate said...

signed, sealed, delivered.... and going to buy something and leave positive feedback

Michelle said...

I signed the petition. It is obvious that the person leaving the negative feedback is troubled by other issues in their life, to fuel them to go so far. I'm not sure why Etsy admin is not atuned to this.