Monday, May 4, 2009

Newbies! Newbies!

Give a generous, open welcome to the latest wonderful additions to our team... We're all so happy to have you in our veggie patch! :)

AmiVegan (Sarah)- crochet, clothes, organic, cute

artloaf (Vanessa)- rad block-printed clothing

auclairdelalune (Adrienne)- clothing and accessories of recycled fabric

KristaLawhon (Krista)-
Hair Clips, jewelery, Clothing, Purses, Custom T-shirt Blankets

MrsHerk (Mellissa)- Organic Bath Products, Bombs, Lotions, Bubble Bath

OptToMiss (Carrie)- a bunch of different stuff

PotatoBenevolence(Michelle)- Prints from original art

1 comment:

Aguavino said...

Welcome to all the newbies! Sorry if I missed anyone personally in the forums-- I'm not always there on the welcome wagon, but glad to have you on the team!!