Friday, May 22, 2009

Member 'Pet of the Week' with FireHorseTextiles

(companion of Julia of FirehorseTextiles/LoveButtons)

Julia writes:
We got Henry as an eight-week-old rescue pup. His mother, Tess, had been found as a mange-ridden, starving stray a week before she gave birth to a litter of seven puppies. She also had no home, and as we fell in love with her, we took her as well, and had 10 wonderful years with her (she passed away in March 2006).

Tess, and Henry as a Puppy

Henry is 13 years and 8 months old. He loves his walks, chasing games and visiting new places. He is the chief ‘time keeper’ in our house, and since my husband, Rob, and I work from home, he spends his day organizing our lives and that of our chickens, Cleo and Mabel!

Henry is very lovable, gentle, and cuddly, and has never lost his soft puppy fur. He looks like a miniature Labrador, but is actually a Staffordshire-Bull Terrier cross.

Henry recently appeared in the LOLpets section of The Times newspaper (UK) after I sent in a picture of our recent holiday, showing him in his pet stroller on the beach. His ears were blowing about a bit and it is quite a funny picture. He really enjoyed his holiday, although you might not thinks so from the look on his face.

His arthritis had been acting up at the time, hence the stroller. Since the vet switched him to a new arthritis medicine, though, he is much better, with a new lease on life. Henry is now able to enjoy long walks again, without his stroller, and has been running round like a puppy instead of a 13 1/2 year-old dog.

Check out
Henry's page on 'The Daily Puppy' website!


FireHorse3 said...

Thank you very much for having Henry on the EtsyVeg Blog. He is delighted >:oD

SoapyChica said...

What lovely dogs! I love this article-especially his ears in the wind!

Heather said...

Ohh what a delightful story! So wonderful Henry & his mommy got to live together all those years. How wonderful and joyous for the both of them. I'm sure they enjoyed living together all those years. What a wonderful person/family you are for doing that for them. It's a nice glimpse into your soul.

XOXO Hugs n Veggies!!

--Heather :)

FireHorse3 said...

Aahh! Thanks for the nice comments SoapyChica and Heather. Henry and Tess have certainly enriched our lives. *hugs* Julia :D

Johanna said...

awww! What a little love that Henry is! Please give him kisses for me :D Dogs are *the best*!!!

auclairdelalune: recycled fabrics for human and habitat said...

What a handsome fellow! He does look like a lab -- I have a black lab/mix with the same markings.