Friday, April 17, 2009

Veggie-nomics: Packaging 101

A series of articles devoted to the promotion and marketing of the EtsyVeg independent artist and business owner community.

Presented by Gwen of gwenmade

Packaging is a very important aspect of the internet entrepreneur. It says a lot of about the person who sent the package and what to expect about the product you just purchased.

The first thing to do is choose one theme or type of package, which brings focus to your brand and the look of your product. Who doesn't know that blue-green box of a Tiffany item or the dark brown bag of Louis Vuitton? By having a specified theme, you are establishing the look of your brand and company. Placing stickers with your logo on packaging is also a great idea.

Next, personalization is always a great addition to a package. Not only is it wise to include several business cards, but a hand written note to your customer is almost always appreciated. This sets you apart from larger companies that wouldn't bother, and tells the customer that they are receiving their item from a real person who took time to write a little note.

Lastly, if you are sending breakable or fragile items, make sure to package them securely to avoid any accidents while in transit. Investing in a box of bubble wrap is a great idea, as well as using recycled shredded paper.

Check out this site by Mirkwood Designs on making your own gift box packaging, another great way to help our planet.


Kelle's Kitchen said...

Another eco-friendly alternative to stickers on your packaging is a stamp! There are a number of shops on Etsy that sell custom made stamps :)

Kelle's Kitchen said...

And when I say stamp I mean the rubber stamps that press ink onto paper, not the stamps used to mail something with the post office. Oops!

Gwen Paja said...

Stamps are an awesome idea!


EtsyVeg said...

This is great, Gwen! :D