Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Members- Adding to the Veg Patch!

A big warm welcome to the newest veggies! We're so honored to have you as part of the EtsyVeg team. Go check them out everyone, and drop'em a note to say hello! :D

ArtYouDreamAbout (Becca)- Pendants and paper goods

cicisstash (Reilly)- Hand embroidered accessories

dkany (Debbie)- Animal rights and Vegan jewelry and buttons

FoxieMoxieJewels (Katlin)-

Vintage and vintage inspired jewelry for modern women

katyhead (Katy)- quirky upcycled accessories

knixhandknit (Niki)- eco braclets, wristlets, legwarmers and hats for all

lilsprout (Tiffany)- veggie essential oil soy candles

MadelineMan (Madeline)- manzanita branches, felted items and hair accessories

madhousemauly (Branwyn)- melancholy photographic prints, cards, ACEOs

MisticalAcscents (Trey)-
cosmetics, skincare, and other vanities made with herbs, oils, clays, natural fibres

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Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves & "Fringies" Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

Welcome, newbies!! Glad to have you as part of our EtsyVeg family. :)

Celeste (Crickets)