Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Member 'Pet of the Week' with Aguavino

(feathered companions of Lynn from aguavino)

Lynn writes:
Here are my three chickens that are semi-rescued- not from a factory farm, but from my friend and former housemate who needed to find a new home for the girls when the owner of the house she was living in decided to sell. (It's a little difficult finding a rental home in the city with a young child, two dogs, AND three chickens!) Since we have a large enough fenced backyard, complete with garden, we decided they would make a perfect addition. It is legal, within the Seattle city limits, to have three chickens- but no roosters!!

The white ones, Hazel & Gertrude, are Brahmas, which originate from the Brahmaputra region in India. They lay light brown eggs, sometimes with subtle dark brown speckles.

The grayish one is an Ameraucana named Roadrunner, and lays light blue/greenish eggs.

It took the dogs only a couple of weeks to get used to them, and now they live in perfect harmony.

Except for during a few winter months, they each lay an egg every day. Even though I am vegan and don't eat eggs, they never go to waste. They are mostly eaten by the boys in the family (boyfriend and dog), and many-a-friend has received a basket of eggs for their "Bird Day" or other special occasions. Last Easter we gave a basket of eggs to Tom's mom, and she thought we had colored them ourselves- a lot different than the pure white Safeway eggs that she buys! Everyone who we have given eggs to says they are much more flavorful than store-bought eggs. The yolks are deep yellow, almost orange, in color. Even the chickens themselves look a lot different from the pure white assembly-line version that produces most of the commercial eggs in this country. Having my own chickens has been a great opportunity to educate people about the cruelties of factory farming.

I also have to say that they are some of the happiest chickens around- they sleep in the coop every night (safe from the raccoons), and get to roam and peck around the yard every day, usually during all day light hours. Though they are not the typical "pet", i.e., not furry or cuddly, they bring lots of joy to our lives. We love them every bit as much as any other member of the family, furry or otherwise.



Love, Luca said...

So cute!! I want one/some!! Do you have pictures of the eggs? I see one in one of the pictures. So cute!! (again)


theAnecdotes said...

oh my! so fun! and what great photos!

JulieWebb Photography+Design said...

Ha, what fun pets! It's nice you can give the eggs away to friends, I'm sure the love and care you give them is obvious. :)

Beth, a.k.a. Chicken Scratch said...

oh, i am in love! can't wait until i have the space to keep my own brood -

mvegan said...

Ooohhh, ditto! I love them and am so jealous, I adore chickens.... I'm a vegan too and have a baby chicky w/a halo tattoo on my back to symbolize my veganism, one of the images that got me to switch from veg to vegan was the male baby chicks being killed in the egg industry in the amazing film Baraka. Thank you for rescuing and loving these beauties!!! Michele

FireHorse3 said...

What lovely ladies you have. They are a credit to you and look very happy and healthy. Our chickens, Mabel and Cleo, say "Hello".

Julia x

Laura Bucci said...

How interesting! I'd love to have some chickens around some day.

Kelle's Kitchen said...

I have always wanted to have a chicken in the family. And I adore the photo with the dog drinking the water with the chicken looking on :) I can't help but think the chicken is upset about the puppy in its watering hole!!

Aguavino said...

Egg pics are now available on my blog!

Thanks for your comments, everyone! FYI-- the dog bowl pic is actually a food bowl-- we had to stop feeding the dogs outside cause poor Noah would get intimidated by the chickens sometimes, and just give up, go inside, and leave his food to the chickens!!