Friday, April 24, 2009

EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway Update!

Thank you to all who have already entered our Earthly Riches Giveaway, we've had quite a few entries thus far, at last count we're up to about 15 entries for the grand prize!!

With the competition getting so stiff, you may be asking, "What can I do to increase my chances?!" Well, we have Extra entries! If you spend $25 in any shop participating in the giveaway we will grant you FIVE entries into the grand prize drawing, if you spend $10 that is FIVE entries into the first prize drawing! These entries will carry through the lower prizes just as the hide and seek entries do. And you can claim as many of these entries as you wish, we have no limit! All you need to do is forward your payment receipt to So, you get a FABULOUS item, and EXTRA CHANCES TO WIN!! How's that for Win-Win?

Here are just a few of the wonderful items that you could purchase for extra entries in the grand prize drawing:

Helicopter hat by CaramelDiezel (adorable baby NOT included!). Would earn FIVE extra entries into the grand prize drawing.

Beadmaille Mask Headdress - Clear by Knightime Creations. Would earn FIFTEEN extra entries into the grand prize drawing.

Plush Bunny Pirate in Brown Corduroy. Would earn FIVE extra entries into the grand prize drawing.

If you are just joining us, please see our original Earthly Riches Giveaway post for details on rules and prizes!

Are you having trouble finding any of the hidden images? If so, please email us at And Happy Hunting!!


zukzuk said...

Hello! Thanks for your great work on this blog. I'm sorry I missed submitting something for the giveaway.

I was wondering if you could check the html for the sellers in the market place page? A new window does not always open and you have to go back and forth. Because the marketplace page is hella big and takes a long time to load going back and forth can be quite annoying - I was put off after doing it a few times. To ammend this might be more work than you have time for but I'm sure it would be appreciated!


Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves & "Fringies" Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

Awesome stuff!!! I want that beadmaille mask!!
Celeste (Crickets)