Thursday, April 23, 2009

EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway Update!

The Earthly Riches giveaway has now been going on for over a day - have you found all 20 hidden Earth images? It's not impossible - we've already had FOUR grand prize entries!

Today's HINT is that all of the hidden images are contained within the photos in the shop listings! But some of them are well hidden and you may not be able to see them unless you click on each photo to seek them out!

Kelle from Kelle's Kitchen created the above treasury called Our Earthly Riches that showcases items from some of the amazing artists who donated to the giveaway! What a gorgeous collection of items!

If you're just joining us, the rules and prizes for the Earthly Riches Giveaway are located here. And if you have any trouble or questions, please email us at! Happy hunting!!


Jennadesigns said...

I found all 20 - it can be done! :)

Kelle's Kitchen said...

Oh, good Jenna! I was just going to tell you that all 20 are there and refer you to this blog post :) Glad you did find all of them, congrats!!