Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway Tuesday Update!

Today is the last day to enter the Earthly Riches Giveaway! The contest will end in just about 12 hours!

If you don't feel that you have time to find all the hidden earth images, we've also got extra entries! For every $25 spent in participating stores you get FIVE extra entries into the grand prize drawing, you also get FIVE extra entries into the first prize drawing for every $10 spent in participating shops! You do not need to have found the earth images to earn these extra entries, you just need to forward your receipt of payment to etsyveg@gmail.com!

Here are just a few examples of art for your home that you could purchase for extra entries!

Rogue Artichoke--Recycled 4x4 Photo Tile by Aguavino - TEN entries into the first prize drawing.

Foxy Loxy 8x10 Red Fox Portrait Photography Archival print by Aktie9 - FIVE entries into the first prize drawing.

Yellow and Green Vibrant Flower - Photo Block by JulieWebb - TEN entries into the first prize drawing.

Braided Branches - 8x10 Fine Art Photographic Print Cross Processed by NaturalArtist - TEN entries into the first prize drawing.

Sweet Pink- Original Chinese Brush Painting by Silentlotus - FIVE entries into grand prize drawing.

If you are just joining us, please click here for all the details on the giveaway including rules and prizes!!

Please stay tuned to the EtsyVeg blog as we will be announcing winners as they choose their prizes over the next week! And a big thank you to all of you who took the time to find all of the hidden earth images and join in our giveaway, thanks for making it a huge success!!

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