Saturday, April 18, 2009

EtsyVeg Earth Day Challenge - Day 4


Today I've got two more wonderful items to share with you in our EtsyVeg Earth Day Challenge!

Kelle's Kitchen

Kelle from Kelle's Kitchen sells a variety of handmade soaps. Here is what she had to say about her choice for the Earth Day challenge:

This bar of cold-process soap was made from scratch with ingredients purchased in bulk to decrease the amount of shipping required for my supplies. All of my soaps are wrapped with handmade paper that is made from quickly renewable sources (not trees), and packaged in cardboard envelopes that are 100% recyclable wherever paper can be recycled. I stop by the post office on my way to or from work to minimize the impact a special trip would have on the environment. The best part about this bar is that it will be even MORE eco-friendly within the next year! I am moving to Arizona and plan to plant rosemary in my yard once we have purchased a home. I can then harvest rosemary for this bar right from my own garden!

*Special deal for today only: 10% off in Kelle's Kitchen if you mention EtsyVeg's Earth Day Challenge in your message to seller at checkout!*

You can also win 3 bars of Kelle's soap in this week's EtsyVeg Weekly Giveaway as part of a group of amazing items here.


Sue from LuluBugJewelry sells amazing jewelry in her Etsy shop, much of which is inspired by her natural surroundings. Here is her comment on the wonderful oak tree necklace she chose for the Earth Day Challenge:

In addition to the subject of my piece, I work in Precious Metal Clay,
which is a product that was invented in Japan as a way to use silver
that has been reclaimed from various manufacturing processes. PMC is
pure silver particles in an organic, clay-like binder. I work the clay
in a variety of ways, and when the piece is done I fire it in a kiln
at 1650 degrees for 2 hours, and the binder burns off and the the
silver particles fuse, creating a solid, pure silver object. It's kind
of like magic! The entire process is so clean that I work in my living
room, kiln and all.

Are you getting ready for the EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway? It starts in only FOUR days! You will have a chance to win 4 bars of soap of your choice from Kelle's Kitchen!


panda with cookie said...

2 more great Earth Day choices!

veganessa said...

mmmm scrumptious soap, I love rosemary, and the pendant is gorgeous. both wonderful items.