Friday, April 10, 2009

Etsy's All A-buzz with EtsyVeg Treasuries!

Our awesome members have been CRAZY busy promoting the team with treasuries on Etsy! These are some recent all-member collections created by Ashley of NYCrochet, Julie of JulieWebb, Carmen of CaramelDiezel, and Lisa of pandawithcookie.

Other members, like Yvonne of Karramandi, Kelle of KellesKitchen, and Maggie of magglepie have also thoughtfully included some EtsyVeg members in their treasuries!

Thank you so much, everyone! :D You're fantastic!


Laura Bucci said...

Beautiful Treasuries! Thank You.

veganessa said...

fabulous treasuries, well done everyone, good to see an etsyveg presence in he treasuries.

mvegan said...

Sooooo wonderful, lovely creations!!!! :0) thank you for including me!

krecklo said...

I just made another EtsyVeg treasury:

JulieWebb Photography+Design said...

Thanks for including me in treasuries and for having such lovely work to choose from when I curated a treasury!

More to come... :)