Saturday, March 28, 2009

Veggie-nomics: Etsy Tagging 101

A series of articles devoted to the promotion and marketing of the EtsyVeg independent artist and business owner community.

Presented by Gwen of gwenmade

There are many ways to market your shop and items effectively on Etsy. Most of these tools are already available in the "Add New Item" listing process. Today, I will dissect the valuable opportunity of tagging.

Etsy gives us 14 huge opportunities to tag. Most people who run successful shops always suggest using all 14. These are the 14 possible words that can lead a buyer to your shop or item. The first thing you need to do is describe your item. Make sure your tags answer the following questions - What is it? What category is it in? What is it made out of? Does it portray characteristics of a certain era or trend? Is there an image or design that stands out? What color is it? Who is it for? For more questions, see this excellent Etsy Storque article for additional tagging tips.

This fills up about 7-8 tags. Now you have at least 5-7 more that you don't know what to do with. One tip is to look up keywords using the Google Keyword tool . This tool is helpful in giving you ideas on words that people may use to search for an item on the web. Another way is to think about what a buyer may type in the search box when shopping for an item. Sometimes I like to look for "chunky" or "funky", sometimes "earthy" jewelry. These are some words that you may want to add if it fits your description. If you are a member of the EtsyVeg team, don't forget to add "EtsyVeg team" (our official team tag) so that shoppers, members, and Etsy Teams can find you. This will also help you get on the team treasury and featured on the team blog.

Remember, incorrect tagging can hurt you more than it can help. First off, it is against the rules. Second, it takes away from helpful words that can help your item be seen by those looking for a certain tag. Third, it will show up in places where people aren't looking for your item and therefore will probably just be ignored.

So this lesson's main tips are:

1. Use all 14 tags.

2. Use great tools to help you decide which keywords to use.

3. Tag only with relevant keywords as incorrect tagging is more hurtful than helpful.

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