Monday, March 9, 2009

Panda Picks: Crafty Creations from Etsyveg Members

This week's Panda Picks features some light yellows to celebrate the return of Daylight Savings Time. Oh the light!
My own paper and fabric crafts can be found at pandawithcookie.


Kitsch Cuisine said...

hooray for yellow...and sunshine. it's been so gray lately.
thanks for using my buttons :)

FireHorse3 said...

Lovely, cheerful collection - wish I had one of those cupcakes to go with my coffee :p

squareware said...

Thanks for posting my pendant! It is sunny but freezing today so I need the warmth!

JulieWebb Photography+Design said...

Yay, here comes the sun! I'm loving the extra light at the end of my day, it's so encouraging. Thanks for the lovely picks Panda! ☀☀☀