Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Hungry Vegetarian

Calabaza Curry (vegan)

In my very Latin neighborhood, you can buy plastic-wrapped chunks of calabaza, a pumpkin-y type of squash. If you can't find calabaza, any medium-sized winter squash (acorn, pumpkin...) will work just fine.

1 can coconut milk
1 grocery-store chunk calabaza
½ cup carrots
½ cup onions (little stewing onions work great)
1 cup green beans
2 cups vegetable broth
4-5 tbsp curry powder, or prepared paste
Salt to taste

Cut all the veggies into chunks and boil in the broth until they soften (add the green beans later on, since they take less time to cook).

Meanwhile, work on the sauce in a separate pan. Heat up the coconut milk and add curry powder/paste, and salt until it achieves the desired flavor. Make it a little extra-savory because it will get milder when the vegetables are added.

Combine the veggies and sauce and serve over rice.

Recipe by FriendlyTaco of Chiyogami Creations.


silentlotuscreations said...

this sounds so yummy, meredith! can't wait to try it. :D

Kelle's Kitchen said...

Mmmmmmmmm...I am with Kylie on this one! I need to try this recipe soon!

Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves said...

My mouth is absolutely watering!!!!
Celeste (Crickets)