Monday, March 23, 2009

EtsyVeg Weekly Giveaway #1- CONTEST CLOSED

EtsyVeg's Weekly giveaway!

EtsyVeg is bumping up our giveaways from monthly to weekly! Now every week brings a new chance to win a fabulous creation(s) from one of our team's talented vegan or vegetarian artisans. :)

This week, the winner will receive a not-so-scary mini plush Cupcake Monster from pandawithcookie; two handcrafted vegan Rootbeer Lip Balms from Daisywares; a sweet, roomy, cotton/acrylic squirrel zippie pouch from SweetWolf; and two magnets made from the charming artwork of PurpleCatsCorner. All items are vegan and awesome. :)

How to enter? Just visit one of the shops listed under a giveaway item above
, choose your favorite creation, and comment here with both the link to that item and a reason you like it. It's that easy! For each shop you visit and comment about, you get one entry. Better yet, win an extra entry by tweeting to @etsyveg about our giveaway. That means up to 5 chances to win!

This contest closed as of 12 midnight EST on Sunday, March 29th. Winner will be randomly selected, and notified on Tuesday, March 30th. Good luck!

Look for our next giveaway this time next week! :)


Tumbleweed Trails said...

1. The first item I like is the
Pink Pleather Cupcake Print Tote Bag because of my love for cupcakes and the bag is adorable.

2. Here I like the Kaolin Clay Mask, Vegan - For All Skin Types because I like clay masks and vegan items.

3. Here I like the Lovely Flower Kanzashi Brooch because of the fabics chosen to make it. I like the color design and fabric design combination.

4. Here I like the small draw string bag because of it's size. I like bags of all sizes, but this one would work great to slip a gift into.

Thank you so much for the giveaway and the introduction to the artists and shops. Everything in all of the shops is great.

I combined my four entries here. I hope that still works. If you wanted four separate comments, please let me know and I'll delete this one and do four separate comments.


visionquest2020 at msn dot com

Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

Ooh how exciting, good luck everyone who enters!!

silentlotuscreations said...

one comment for all entries is fine. :)

kellyrae-Lean Dog Pottery said...

Yipee! A contest!

1. PANDAS paper flower garlands are so cute. this one is my fave:

2. I love anything citrus and this totally caught my eye!

3. This belt is adorable from SweetWolf:

4. I love the Frida Art doll from PurpleCatsCorner:


branwyn aka madhouse mauly said...

i love thisfrom pandawithcookie:

i want this from daisywares:

i love this from sweetwolf:

i love this from purplecatscorner:

and i am tweeting

Digital Misfit said...

Pandawithacookie's monster plush garland is too adorable
I know it is more appropriate for children, but I could definitely see that hanging in my window!

Julie Boland said...

Love purplecats angel glass pendant. How sweet to have one of her angels hanging around your neck - like a guardian angel!!

melis731 said...

The first item I like is the Plush Garland from Pandawith cookie located here
I love this because it would easily add bright color to any room and make me even more ready for spring!!
The second is the vegan shea butter from DaisyWares listed here
I love finding beauty products that proudly display being vegan - it makes it so much easier to shop!
The third item is this puppy pouch from SweetWolf
I like it because the dog on it reminds me of my ever spunky puppy at home!
The final item is the Angel Cotton bag from purplecats corner located here
I love that it's a great eco-friendly way to display original art!
Thanks :)

Whimsical Creations said...

From purplecatscorner I love Believe - mixed media piece on wood.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

supercarrot said...

i like pandawithcookie's "where's my burrito" pin.

the olivine wire ring from daisywares

sweetwolf's pocket mirror

and purplecatscorner's thoughtful print.

Nina said...

1. pandawithcookie: Red and Green Cherry Print Tote Bag- Super Fresh

2. DaisyWares: Signature Collection Perfume, Solid in Fruity Fun

3. SweetWolf: Miss Kleo Clutch

4. PurpleCatsCorner: Glass tile pendant

And I twittered:


Nina said...

My bad! Here's the actual link to my tweet:

Sarah said...

From pandawithcookie, she knows that I am planning on getting a fleece monster for my daughter. like this: - but in blue

From DaisyWares the peppermint soap b/c peppermint is so soothing and lovely!!

From PurpleCatsCorner the "believe" piece:

NYCrochet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NYCrochet said...

1. I Like Panda's monster garland. I would give it to my not-quite-granddaughter.

2. I like Daisy Ware's scrubs because my skin is post-winter yucky:

3. I like squirrels, so I like this:

4. I like the Frida doll because my boyfriend is an art teacher.

And I tweeted this, because I want it all!

Stephanie said...

I love the Plush Bunny Pirate in Brown Corduroy on pandawithcookie's shop.

lesjoujou AT gmail DOT com

erininkent said...

From Panda with Cookie I looove I like the yellow flower, it's unexpected.

From Daisy wares I like because I adore all things pink - especially make up

From Sweet wolf I pick because I love the funky retro fabric and I'm pretty sure it could fit my GINORMOUS sunglasses

From Purple Cat's Corner I heart because it was my favorite of her pictures and now a useful bag too!

erin_melissa at juno dot com

Lilly said...

Panda with cookie: Pink and White Cupcake Print Pouch. I love cupcakes and that little pouch is just adorable!

Daisy Wares: Swarovski Aquamarine Crystal Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring. I love the color and it is so simple and classy!

Street Wolf: Squirrel Girl Super Cute Clutch or Wristlet. It is cute!

Purple cat corner: Mixed media heart. I really like this canvas. It'd be great to have this in my living room.

What a great giveaway! Thanks a lot!

Aguavino said...

Panda with Cookie: Monster Garland cause it's just plain fun!
Daisywares: I chose the Blue Bead Ring because it reminds me of one that I bought several years ago while visiting my family in W. Virginia-- it was handmade by my sister's boss. I don't wear earrings or my nose ring any more, and rings are not as easy to find as necklaces. Plus I love shopping with fellow vegans!
Sweetwolf: I love this Texa Mirror! It's really creative, functional, and made with recycled materials.
Purplecatscorner: I chose the Mini Russian style dolls -- anything miniature is cute!

*Evelyn* said...

Wow really cute contest !!

1- I like Plush Bunny Pirate in Brown Corduroy

2-Mineral Makeup Vegan Eyeshadow Pink Group - dusty rose

3-Miss Kleo Clutch

4-Angel bookmark

Everything in all of the shops is great.

陳加昀 said...

1. I love the Not So Scary Monster Garland ( from Pandawithcookie since I couldn't just pick one monster that I loved the most.

2. Definitely a fan of DaisyWares' Tree Hugger pendant ( That just screams my name since I really do hug trees =)

3. I adore the bright colors of the Cuckoo Clutch (, it's just so fun, and I can't stop smiling whenever I look at it.

4. I love this ( cotton tote bag from Purplecatscorner, the little dream-related phrase on the bottom is adorable

Thank you for hosting this AMAZING giveaway and for introducing me to these fabulous shops! =)


Natalie B said...

Thanks for introducing me to some cool new stores :-)

1. From Panda with Cookie, I absolutely adore the Plus Bunny Pirate which can be found here - I love all things piratey (is that even a word) at the moment.

2. From Daisy Wares, I love the sound of the Vegan Lip Balm which can be found here - all of the flavours sound so yummy.

3. From Sweetwolf, the Squirrel Girl Super Cute Clutch which can be found here - would be perfect for my 9 year old daughter to keep her 'girly' bits and pieces in.

4. I'm already a fan of Purple Cats Corner, so it was hard to decide between all of her pieces, but narrowing it done to just one, I'd have to pick Girl With Kitty ACEO - just because it's so adorably cute :-)

Thanks for the competition.

odditiesofdd said...

I love these plush garlands. Brilliant, and cute and def a keeper :D

I <3 Purple -

Totally practical, beautiful, schweet! SweetWolf -

I totally have Purplecatscorner on my buy list, I love her art:

And I twittered about your drawing :D

Very cool stores!

Wehaf said...

At purplecatscorner I like the Angel bookmark.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Wehaf said...

At Sweetwolf I like the Funky Patchwork Fabric Belt, because it is fun but not outrageous.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Wehaf said...

At DaisyWares I like the Tree Hugger pendant because I am a tree hugger!

urchiken at gmail dot com

Wehaf said...

At Panda with Cookie I like the White Tofu Pirate plush. I love pirates!

urchiken at gmail dot com

marieisabella said...


My favorite item from Pandawithcookie is the tofu pirate, It is so unique and makes me smile when I look at it:)

Marie Isabella

marieisabella said...


My faovrite item from daisywares os her citrus face scrub, it sounds great!

Marie Isabella

marieisabella said...


My favorite item from sweetwolf, is her dragon themed lunchbox, why because I love dragons and this one is so cute!

Marie Isabella

marieisabella said...


My favorite item from purplecatscorner is her aceo thougtful print, it is so angelic with those big brown eyes and smile!

Marie Isabella

Bee said...

I love this one
Fabulous colours!

And this I have always wanted to try

I have always needed one of these. So cute!

And I have been admiring these magnets ♥

Aik said...

I love the Plush Bunny Pirate in Brown Corduroy from Panda With Cookie because it's so adorable!

Aik said...

I like the Kaolin Clay Mask, Vegan - For All Skin Types from Daisy Wares because it's suitable for all skin types.

Aik said...

I love the adorable Purple Polka-dotted Perky Puppy Pouch from Sweet Wolf!

Aik said...

I love the Thoughtful- ACEO print from Purplecat's Corner because it's very beautiful. I absolutely love the colours.

Aik said...

I tweeted here:

Prpldy said...

1. Pandawithcookie I like the plush pink tote, looks so soft and who can't use more totes

2. Daisy Wares Mineral Makeup Vegan Foundation Samples because I've always wanted to try mineral make-up and I lie that I can get a sample before buying a full size to make sure I get the correct shade.

3. Sweet Wolf Flaxseed Eye Pillow to use when I get a headache.

4. Purple Cats Corner Brighter days- mixed media I love the color first and foremost, and then the wonderful texture that the piece has.

Thanks for a great giveaway

prpldy (at)

...fairyland said...


i really love this piece of art but i love her work so much! beacause am a fairy and i like everything about fairies!
2. sweet wolf:
excellent idea and lovely colors!
am in love with the sea!
lovely colors and bunny!:)

Veganosaurus said...

1. I went to the pandawithcookie store thinking I'd have to choose a fave among the cute monsters but then I saw this and found it soooo pretty:

2. Roni's store has always been one of my top faves ever since I got a taste of those vegan lip balms. She's added many items since but my forever fave from DaisyWares are these:

3. SweetWolf is a new store to me. I'm so happy I found out about this giveaway from pandawithcookie on facebook. Otherwise I wouldn't have known about SweetWolf. Here's my fave from this store:

4. Purplecatscorner is another new store to me. It's filled with such lovely artwork!! Hard to pick just one but here it is:

5. And I'll be tweeting about this giveaway on twitter through my id there which is Susmitha.

Shanda said...

At Panda With Cookie, the Aqua Blue and Brown Tote Bag is my favorite!

Shanda said...

The Citrine Briolettes and Swarovski Pearl Necklace at Daisy Wares is my favorite!

Shanda said...

At SweetWolf I like the Miss Kleo Clutch!

Shanda said...

The Thoughtful print is my favorite at Purple Cats Corner!

kat said...

At panda with cookie, i like the Blue and Brown Print Pouch =)

katch05 at gmail dot com

janil said...
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janil said...

I love Not So Scary Monster Plush Garland in Bright Colors- Perfect Wall Hanging to Increase Fun from Panda with Cookie!!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

janil said...

Tamara necklace is fantastic!!!!

janil said...

This funky belt from Swet Wolf!!!!

janil said...

I fell in love with Purple Cats Corner... I choose this one:

Halifax said...

I like the Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings at Daisy Wares


Halifax said...

Paper flower strand at Panda with Cookie


Halifax said...

Merino Wool Neckwarmer and Armwarmer Set. Lovely Purple-y color. Upcycled at Sweet Wolf


Halifax said...

And the Glass tile pendant at Purple Cat's Corner


wendy said...

which is the russian minature dolls because it is such an original thing to do.

madamerkf at aol dot com

valerie2350 said...

this is soooo pretty!

valerie2350 said...

so cute and so appropriate for me :)

valerie2350 said...

my niece would love this ;)

valerie2350 said...

these are adorable

valerie2350 said...

whatshername said...
Purple's artwork-very cute!

missknits said...

1. in pandawithcookies shop (adorable name by the way!) i just love the monsters- especially mini blue with heart! too cute!

2. daisywares - i just love love this wire wrapped ring gorgeous!!

3. sweetwolf - i just love this needle book too cute!

4. purplecatscorner - just adorable russian dolls!

great giveaway!!

Astra said...

From pandawithcookie

Mini Monster Plush in Bright Pink Fleece

( :

Astra said...

From Daisywares I like

Swarovski and Iolite Gold Fill Necklace

( :

Astra said...

From sweetwolf I love Mangia Lunchbag !

( :

Astra said...

From Purplecatscorner I liked

Thoughtful- ACEO print

( :

judybrittle said...

First I followed on Twitter and tweeted

1.I really love the Sock Monkey tote bag. That is so adorable!

2.The Pearl and Crystal earrings are really beautiful.

3.The Squirrel Girl clutch is just that Super Cute

4.The Glass Tile Pendant is really cute!

Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

Chris said...

I love the Not-so-scary monster in flannel from pandawithcookie! It's absolutely adorable.


Chris said...

I don't know that I can choose a favorite from Daisywares - I'm always so impressed when people can make make-up...and doubly make vegan make-up. I'd like to try the Exotic Moroccan Clay Mask ( or the Mineral Makeup Vegan Eyeshadow (


Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris said...

I love the Yo Tengo Hambre lunchbag from SweetWolf for a completely artificial reason - it's spanish and has a dragon on it. Don't ask for the story, because it's mildly embarassing...


fashionfrugality said...

I like the Tanzanite Swarovski Sterling Silver Earrings:

because I think they are very pretty and unique. I love unique jewelry!

fashionfrugality said...


kkondek at

Lily Bean Designs said...

I would try:

Mineral Makeup Vegan Eyeshadow Black and Silver Group

Because I love doing my makeup and I always use black somewhere on the eye. I am also a big fan of loose powder, and the fact that it is vegan is an added bonus!

Lily Bean Designs said...

I choose:

Mini Monster Plush in Bright Pink Fleece

I have a 19 month old and one due July 3rd, both girls. They would love this!

Lily Bean Designs said...

I like:

Cuckoo Clutch

I love a crazy pattern every now and then! This is very cute.

Lily Bean Designs said...

From this shop I like:

Mixed media heart

Its very nice! I also have a piece that I did, and it too is a mixed media heart! They would look nice together!

trixpixel said...

Love the spring stripes tote from pandawithcookie, so fun and colorful!

trixpixel said...

Would love to try the kaolin clay mask, looks pampering!

trixpixel said...

My favorite from sweetwolf is the Serendipity Squares Clutch, such vivid colors!

trixpixel said...

The Girl with kitty necklace from Purplecatscorner is so sweet!

Tylerpants said...

Wee Tiny Not So Scary Monster Plush in Bright Blue Fleece @pandawithcookie

My son would love to cuddle with this, how cute!

Kaycee said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE ALL OF THESE!! I would love to try the Refreshing Peppermint soap from Daisy Wares! What fantastic stores, thanks for introducing us to them!

kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

Tylerpants said...

Lavender Hydrosol, Facial Mist. Organic, Natural, Vegan @daisy wares

I love lavender, this has so many uses!

Tylerpants said...

Squirrel Girl Super Cute Clutch or Wristlet

Super cute!

Tylerpants said...

Miniture russian style dolls @ purplecatscorner

These are adorable...would look great on a bookcase!

greeneginger said...

At Panda with cookie, i love the unique Oak Leaf Cyanotype:) I love trees and nature and think this is really special!

Daisy Wares has great sounding products!! I love trying new scents,I would love to try the all natural organic perfumes!!
Fruity Fun sounds great:)

SweetWolf has a great pair of upcycled Trashion earrings called Leaves of Leather...

The Girl with Kitty Glass Art Pendant made by PurpleCats Corner is very cute!! I am a fan of Wings too,so all of the Angel prints are adorable:)