Friday, February 13, 2009

Australian Bushfire Shop

Today I was alerted to the addition of an Etsy shop set up to raise money for the Australian Red Cross, which is helping those in areas devastated by the recent fires (for more the fires and what the ARC is doing to help, click here).

The Etsy shop, takes donation of listings, not items. In other words, you send your listing title, description, item picture, etc., to and she lists it for you. When it sells, you mail it to the buyer with free shipping. Though I was perfectly fine donating a baby hat from my shop, I was honestly a little wary of paying for shipping on an item that might have to be sent internationally. I am unemployed, after all, and it's not like my shop is turning a profit. I did it, however, because I had some good fortune yesterday and made two more sales of my own, so I told myself I could afford to do something positive.

The bushfire shop has already had an enviable 310 sales in the space of a week, which is just amazing. If you're hesitant to buy or donate, however, here's a picture of an adorable Koala whose adorable paws were burnt in the fire.

Why a Koala picture? I'm heeding the words of David Sedaris, who wrote: "People who had never before contributed to a charity emptied their pockets when a cocker spaniel was shown standing on a rooftop after Hurricane Katrina. 'What choice did I have?' they asked. 'That poor little thing looked into the camera and penetrated my very soul.'"

Look at that thirsty little face. Feel those teeny scorched Koala paws. Go to now.


Ashley (of NYCrochet)
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JulieWebb Photography+Design said...

Thanks for sharing this Ashley! It was so generous of you to donate given your situation. I donated one of my photo blocks last night, it's hard to feel like we can do anything from so far away so this helps to ease my mind. I see they've now raised more than $10000 AUDs, which is truly amazing! Go the Etsy community! :)