Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Statement on Aerial Hunting in Alaska, by PrettyHaute

Jennifer from PrettyHaute writes:

Please read this message from me. This is not some message I'm forwarding, this from ME, something that I wrote. I know you all know my stand on animals, and please know I am realistic that some people are going to hunt. But there is a difference between the responsible who make sure the first shot kills and the animal doesn't suffer, vs. those who cruelly prolong the agony and death of those they hunt. This is especially sickening when they intentionally "hunt" the animal during a time of year when the animal has very little way of hiding or defending itself. I am talking right now about what is happening to the wolves and bears in Alaska. Hunters in low-flying airplanes are shooting them with
BUCKSHOT for sport (aerial hunting). This is NOT wildlife management- it is "hunting for sport." The animals often are not killed by the first shot, but rather the planes circle and shoot them with buckshot over and over! This is agonizing! Beyond the inhumanity of this practice, IT IS ILLEGAL PER FEDERAL LAW! Alaska passed its own bills going around the federal law that bans this. PLEASE, please follow the link below and read through it.

I urge you to speak out against the practice of aerial hunting. If you watch the video I won't sugar-coat it and say it doesn't contain graphic images because it does. In fact it made me cry this morning. This is completely senseless inhumanity, completely irresponsible sport-hunting,
and it needs to be stopped. It only takes a moment to impact the world-do your part. Thank you.

Watch the
video (warning: contains graphic images)!

Sign the petition
here or here!

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claynfiber said...

It is tough to learn about these issues, and even tougher to write about them. Thank you for writing and posting this.