Saturday, January 3, 2009

Compassion in Action- Inspiration for the New Year

Among vegans and vegetarians, compassionate living through diet and lifestyle choices is not the only way to show love toward fuzzy/scaly/feathered friends and the planet. Many EtsyVeg folks take compassion into action by committing to donate a portion of their Etsy shop sales or sale of a specific item(s) to support charities that fight for the humane treatment of animals. As 2009 begins and many ponder what may make their lives more fulfilling over the coming year, take heart and inspiration from big-hearted fellow team members...

Love for animals and all living things is a major reason given for aiding animal charities, but many people seem to find a special connection to one special cause, animal, organization, or mission. For instance, StephHansonCreations currently contributes an admirable 100% of her Etsy shop’s profits to Dreamchaser PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation, and Gina of ClaynFiber donates at least 15% of all pottery sales and 100% of the sale of her cards to animal charities. Other EtsyVeg folks are setting aside profits for or volunteering time at organizations such as Vegan Outreach (julep115), Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz Co. (glittergirlgalleries), and The Goathouse Refuge (angelcatbeds).

Along with solo ventures in kindness, many team members choose to partner with others to support pro-animal organizations, such as by joining the EtsyforAnimals (EFA) street team started by mvegan5. EFA’s Web site explains that they aid “… charities that exist for the benefit of helping animals, and that do not support hunting or animal testing." Their members can participate by donating part of their shop’s profits to the team’s charity of the month (the Animal Place for January) or by coming together in a pinch with other EFA members to give to a group or organization in a crisis.

For EtsyVeg members, making the world a better place extends to helping all sorts of charitable organizations in addition to animal causes. Jess of ASecondChance gives 10% of her shop's profits, an organization that seeks to alleviate poverty by enabling the general public to lend funds directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world. Aktie9 has a special "Charitable Giving" section ogf her shop that allows buyers of these items to donate the purchase price to a charity of their choice or the current EFA cause. Silentlotus gives a portion of her profits to both animal causes and organizations like GlobalLinks that seek to provide medical attention to people around the world who cannot afford or don't have access to adequate healthcare. And Anna of MovetheNeedle donates to autism through EtsyforAutism, which supports autism-related causes like KindTree (a group that promotes artists with autism).

But whether helping animals, people, or the planet, it’s both the receiver and the giver that benefit. When asked about the rewards of contributing 10% of her profits to the Animal Place, DaisyWares explained, “It makes me feel good inside that I have contributed in keeping an animal warm, full, and safe. HelloKiddo feels that donating 10% to the Farm Sanctuary allows her to know that she’s helping to make a positive difference for animals through both diet and daily decisions. :)

There are too many members who support worthy causes through their shops or team affiliation to mention them all here, so please add a comment with a link to your shop or favorite organization if you’d like to! :)

Those who aren’t doing so already can share the love by supporting the shops of EtsyVeg members and other Etsians who donate a portion of their profits to charities, by joining up with others who are doing so as part of an Etsy team like EFA, by setting up their own giving project, or even simply by sending out positive energy toward those who need it. When in question, Gandhi said it best when he advised to “be the change you want to see in the world.”


mvegan said...

So positive and uplifting, thank you so so much ;0) Thank you to all who help others thru Etsy and otherwise, Michele

Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

What a great uplifting article.