Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Member "Pet of the Week" with FriendlyTaco

(companions of Meredith of FriendlyTaco)

Meredith writes:
These are two of my four rats, Mitzi (the brown one) and Lulu (the white one). Mitzi went through a dominance phase where we'd often catch her standing over one of her none-too-pleased cagemates. You can just see Lulu on the bottom going "Okay, you're the boss. Now get off me!"

My fiance and I have four pet rats in our New York City apartment. Kind of an unusual choice, but they're very lovable pets and easy to take care of. They're smart and cuddly, and each has her own very distinct personality.

Some of the cutest things they do:
* Jump up onto the bars to greet us when we come home
* Make a chattering purring sound, called bruxing, when you pet them just right
* Nudge under your hand when you pet one of the others too long
* Pile up in the coziest, snuggest corner at bedtime


TMM said...

Rats are the best,I agree.Didn't know that purring had a name...

FireHorse3 said...

Such cuties - I agree that they make lovely pets. My brother and I had a total of six rats (not all at the same time) when we were younger and they were all unique characters.

Two Strands Soap Works said...

Adorable! I grew up with rats and mice for pets and just loved them.

I used to feed them all sorts of different foods, but watching a rat peel grapes was the best! :o) Those little hands all busy - too cute!