Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Very First Member "Pet of the Week"

Given how much all of us dote on and adore our animal companions, how great would it be to be able to share about how wonderful they are and be able to read about the fur friends of fellow veggies?! This is the first of a new weekly series on the pets of EtsyVeg members.

This week's pet is my own! I had intended just to post a picture, but of course I ended up wanting to talk about her and show her off and now here's a big, long article! :)

Meet Sophie

My Sophie is a Feline, Siamese Lynx Point, long-hair, age 8.

Sophie's nicknames are: bubbies, bubbs, fluffy butt, nappy bloomer butt, curly tum, twinkle toes, stinky toes, sweet face, snophieluffagus, spongebobsophiepants, peanut, sophiebean, sophieloaf, fat stuff, and whatever else comes off of the tops of our heads when we talk to her.

Sophie's favorite words and phrases are "treat, brushing, outside, mum's home (she runs to the window), where's the bug? (she looks around at the air and on the floor), where's the kitty/doggy? (also runs to the window)", and random words she gets very excited about but we're not sure why. :) Her favorite toys are a green catnip pillow (it's missing right now) that she throws up in the air and and attacks before rubbing her face into it, and small balls and rocks (she runs after them in the yard and places her paw on them until we come over or in the house plays catch by pawing the ball crookedly back towards us when we roll it to her)

She is very, very affectionate, sometimes downright demanding about it. She's a bigtime lap cat/face and leg rubber/head butt-er, loves to sleep with or on us, and absolutely adores having her head kissed. She is super vocal, and I love her little trills when she's happy or greeting us or wants to play, and her scolding when we're gone for the day or on vaca. I love that she loves to play chase, especially at night, usually when I am brushing my teeth. lol She lets us know by making a little playful trill and arching her back while she stands sideways, slowly backing away, and waits for one of us to chase her around the house. She also thinks that as long as she can't see us and makes herself really flat, she's invisible. Sometimes, she turns into a maniac (at least once a day) and runs madly around the house as fast as she can making demonic, banshee-like growls.

I love the smell and feel of her downy soft fur, her curly tummy, her loud purring, the way she explores my face with her nose, the weight and warmth of her sleeping on me, the way she listens attentively when we talk to her and comes when we call her (thought she takes a while sometimes). She fills up my heart, and every day I am so grateful for her.


JulieWebb Photography+Design said...

Super cute kitty! :)

Heather said...

AWWWW!! She's an awesome cat!! Sounds like so much fun.. she reminds me of my Kiwi.. who was a big time head butter.. and demanding about getting her lovins. Best, Heather :)

Lo Christine said...

So sweet:)

Marjorie said...

They say that the more nicknames someone has, the more loved they are. Sophie definitely is a very loved little kitty! What a sweetie.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Hi Sophie! She's super cute. I had to laugh at all of her names, we have a similar assortment of kitten names here as well!

kellyrae-Lean Dog Pottery said...

oh wow! You had me giggling during the whole post! I'm a kitty mama, that must be why! Sophie is a beauty!

FireHorse3 said...

Hi Kylie! So great to hear about the beautiful Sophie. She is gorgeous and sounds like a real member of the family.

claynfiber said...

Thanks for introducing Sophie! She sounds like such a sweetie!

Bev said...

Great photo of a gorgeous girl!

Ultratrixie is Sweetwolf.etsy.com said...

meow! what a sweet face!
super cute kylie!

silentlotuscreations said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! Sophie always new she was meant to be a star... ;)

Sweetwolf, I love that kitty face!