Friday, November 7, 2008

Interview with MarjoriesCracked

Part of an ongoing interview series profiling EtsyVeg members.
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Meet Marjorie of Etsy's MarjoriesCracked

Complex swirls, wraps, and twists of wire woven into delicate cradles for sea treasures and for the loveliest of china fragments- that's just a sampling of the gorgeous jewelry creations you'll find in Marjorie's shop.

Q. What do you sell in your Etsy shop?

I sell jewelry made from broken china, and also from sea glass and broken shell. My jewelry is designed using wire wrap and wire crochet techniques. I design jewelry from china that I come across myself, and I also take custom orders from people who would like jewelry made from their own china that may have sentimental value to them.

Q. What are your creative inspirations?

The china itself inspires me. Some pieces of china are miniature works of art and are so beautiful. I love to research each piece of china that I find, to learn when and where it was made. And all the friends I've made on my jewelry adventure inspire me everyday. Their dedication and creativity are amazing.

Q. How did you get started creating?

I've always been a creative person and am always working on some type of project. I first saw broken china jewelry in February of 2008 at a home show in New Jersey. I had to make some of my own and haven't been able to stop since!

Q. What other artistic tendencies do you have? Do you have other crafty/artsy skills that you already do or would like to try?

I've crocheted since I was a child so it was inevitable that I'd work crochet into my jewelry, although I had never crocheted with wire before. I've done needlepoint and embroidery and sewing and quilting. I know how to knit, but I would like to improve my skills in that department.

Q. What would you like to try to make, that you haven't already? What is your dream project?

I'm always on the lookout for unique pieces of china to design jewelry from. I was given a broken Nippon pitcher that had been a very valuable antique, and that was quite exciting to work with. I have so many ideas for jewelry pieces that I would like to make, and it's so rewarding as each piece becomes a reality.

Q. Do you have any other hobbies/interests/passions?

I love to garden and create a beautiful spot of nature that birds and butterflies can enjoy. I have a special interest in hummingbirds! I've raised Monarch and Swallowtail butterflies. I'm a constant reader. And I love music of all kinds. Plus I do all that I can to help make the world of animals a better one. I'm very interested in environmental issues, too.

Q. How long have you been on Etsy, and are you an Etsy addict? :)

I'm very new to Etsy and just set up a shop a few weeks ago. I am fast becoming an Etsy addict, though! It's wonderful to be part of such a great group of artists and crafters.

Q. Is etsy a large part of your business? How else do you market your work?

I have a website, and my jewelry is also available in three local stores in New Jersey: World's Images in Belmar, NJ; Absolute Necessities in West End, NJ; and Shore Things in Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ. At this point, I only have ten items up in my Etsy shop, but I'll be adding more soon.

Q. What are your future plans for your shop/business?

I'd like to add other types of broken china items, such as bookmarks, hair accessories, magnets and fan pulls. I work full time as a paralegal, which doesn't leave me much time to expand my "side" business. But at this point, there's plenty to do with the jewelry pieces that I'm continually adding. I just added a new item - broken china ear cuffs!

Q. How long have you been vegan/vegetarian? How does being veg play into the rest of your life?

I've been a vegetarian for about 5 years. I just got to the point where I knew I never wanted to eat meat again but it was difficult when my daughter was still living at home to completely change our way of eating. I think people get a mind set after eating a certain way for many years, and they have difficulty breaking out of that mold. I gradually cut back on meat, and then when my daughter found a place of her own to live, I became a total vegetarian.

Q. What is your favorite vegan/vegetarian store/restaurant/blog/website?

My favorite place to find vegetarian recipes is The
Vegetarian Yahoo Group.
It's a very active group and I'm always finding something new and delicious there.


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Beautiful work!!

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