Friday, October 24, 2008

Celebrate World Vegan Day!

Monday, November 1st is World Vegan Day around the globe, and all of November is Vegan Month! Celebrate with vegan food, by attending local events, or by learning more about what it means to be vegan (check out our "Veg Resources" section on the sidebar). Share your favorite vegan recipes with the non-veggies in your life, or, if you're not vegan, try going vegan for a day or a month (take the Vegan Pledge). November 1st is the anniversary of the founding of The Vegan Society, started in the UK in 1944 and the very first organization for vegans. Check out the following links for more info or to see if there's a veg happening in your area. Or make your own celebration!

World Vegan Day (official site)
Los Angeles


Anna said...

thanks for the info! I think I might try going vegan for that day (or maybe a week). I've been a pretty strict vegetarian for a while and I wonder what it would be like to be full vegan. I don't think I can completely commit myself to being vegan now - it's hard living at college and I don't think I'm ready to give up all animal products, but I'd be curious to try.

Btw, I've been listening to a lot of vegetarian podcasts lately. If you go to iTunes and search for "vegetarian" a lot of good podcasts will come up. Some are about cooking and some are about the issues of being vegetarian/vegan.

mvegan said...

So wonderful ;0) I'm a happy vegan of 11 years, yay! In honor of World Vegan Day, anyone can have 20% off with the code "vegan"!!!
10% always helps animals, and my shop is vegan friendly, of course!