Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big Vote: Promo Card Designs Unveiled

For all of those participating in the EtsyVeg Promo Project, most of the details have been decided and we are finally at the point of voting on a card design! :)

Two very creative team members, TokenEmotion and JaKRandomArt have generously donated their time and designs. Several designs will be chosen (top three). These can be totally different designs or simply one design with varying color schemes. It's all up to you to decide! Promo Project participants, please vote in the "comments" area below.

The designs unveiled (design/image only- correct details will be filled in later):

Voters: Don't forget (please) that you are choosing up to three designs! You can pick a combination of individual designs from both JaK and TokenEmotion. :) The top 2-3 will be used!

by JaKRandomArt

by TokenEmotion:

I'm sure it will be a fun vote!


W. Redleaf said...

Both designs are fabulous, and I'd be very happy with either. Part of me prefers the clean lines of JakRandomArt's design, and the other part loves the playfulness of TokenEmotion's design. I'm going to side with the part that likes JakRandomArt's design, but it's a close call.


Heather said...

I like both design sets. I love the animals, they are so cute. Blue is a calming colour and eye catching. The carrot is my number one fav tho! The others are nice as well. It's very hard to choose.

I think I am going to go with Jakrandomart's design. Since, I love the carrot so much. I do love the others as well. H :)

Anna said...

I love both, but I'm going to vote for TokenEmotion. I love how fun it is and the little animals. :) Both would be fine with me though.

Julie said...

Wow, thanks so much for donating your time and talent to these designs. Both are wonderful. Love the idea of different animals (and so well drawn--I'm envious!). I've been a sucker for the carrot this entire time, though. So the carrot is my vote.

ZenLy said...

My vote is for JakRandomArt. Do I have to choose a specific one from there, too? I love the first flower, but am going to have to vote for the carrot, as it fits in best with our team.

Natalie said...

JaKRandomArt is my pick! I like it.

BellaTuJewelry said...

Tough decision, but I have to go with the more minimalist look of JakRandomArt's - and the carrot card is my favorite of those. You both are fantastic for being so generous with your time and talent!